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BRASIL - Rio de Janeiro - Paraty (Part II)

Upon request, I am publishing more photos of Paraty!

Above, shops in the Historical Center
Below, Hostels located next to the river

Shops in the Historical Center

Restaurants in the Historic Center

Details of houses the Historic Center

Night view of the Historical Center of Paraty
Details of shops in the center of the city.

Camping de Paraty, in front of the beach of the Pontal.
Note that the picture was taken from inside the camping.

Beach of the Pontal, near the city center (2 km).
Restaurant and Hotel in the historic city center

Night view of the Church of "N.S. dos Remédios", patroness of Paraty city.

Some important dates in the history of Paraty:

1945 - The core city of Paraty is decreed "Historical Monument of the State of Rio de Janeiro."

1958 - Toppling of the Joint Architectural and Landscape of the City of Paraty by IPHAN.

1966 - The whole landscape of the entire municipality of Paraty and, especially, the city's architectural collection is raised to the category of National Historic Monument.

1974 - Toppling the municipality of Paraty, which means the recognition, by the Office of the toppling, of the important natural, cultural and historical of the municipality.

The Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil considers five Brazilian Natural Systems as Brazilian Natural Heritage; three of them are in areas of the municipality of Paraty: the "Floresta Atlântica" (Atlantic Forest), the "Mountain of the Sea" and the "Zona Costeira" (Coastal Zone).

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