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Welcome To Bintan, Indonesia!!!

In this Post, we'll show a little trip to the island of Bintan, Indonesia.

This trip was shared by a group of friends who boarded in Singapore for a trip of 5 days in the beautiful Island!

They took a trip by boat, fast and economical: From Singapore to the island of Bintan is only 50 minutes traveling by ferry.

Bintan is the largest island in the Riau province, area 1.140 sq. km, with a coastline of about 105 km.

It is truly an unique paradise:
Simple life, beautiful beach, friendly people which bring us the leisure.

The island gives the refreshment to our mind and body.

The island has a population of about 200.000, and like the rest of Riau this is a true mix of cultures like Malay, Bugis, Chinese and the Orang Laut (sea people).

In Bintan island, most of the resorts accept Singapore Dollars (SGD) & US Dollars (USD).

However if you plan to take a trip to Tanjung Pinang city, all the transactions are in Indonesia Rupiah (IDR) so you're required to exchange your currency to Indonesia Rupiah when you plan to visit Tanjung Pinang city

Above, the Resort Nirwana Gardens, where the group "has made the party"!

Below, views of the ferry in the port of Singapore, where they began the trip...

Tanjung Pinang, Kijang, Kawal, Trikora Beach, Senggarang, Tanjung Uban and Lagoi / Bintan Resort sites, are places that should not missed when you are in Bintan.

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